2nd QTR 2022 Meeting

Board of Directors 2nd QTR 2022 Meeting Agenda

Date: August 21, 2022; Time: 4:00PM CST
Meeting at the fire station

Board Members in attendance – President Ray Horn, Treasurer Michael Farrell and Secretary Stephanie Novak. 

POA Members in attendance; Les and Kathy Castleberry, Ellen Horn, Don and Judy Wallace, Kerry King, Jerry and Margaret Chalker, Lewis and Donna Smith, Curt Vinson, Tom and Jeanne Ferguson, James & Glenda Harrel, Mike Coronado, Cindy Morse and Kathy Holt

Call to Order – Ray Horn, President @ 4:01pm

  • Ray went over approvals from the 1st quarter meeting and asked if there were any questions
  • ARC Chairperson Update – Frank Lima
    • New house build on Hoper Ct. – completed
    • Fence approval for Walker property is still waiting on a few details.
    • Replat approval for Mark & Stacey Harris.
    • Privacy fence for Ray & Ellen Horn – approved
    • Fence for John & Cassidy Coker – approved
    • Erosion issue on backside of Mark Jackson’s property. Mike is having difficulty in getting a response.
  • Projects Update
    • Website (Board): Web pages are overlapping. The board is to send out instruction for how members are to log-in.
    • Storage building (Board): The unit is for storing road side spray equipment and decorations. It is less expensive if we install a unit ourselves, still trying to figure out the best option. We are thinking of placing the the storage near the burn pit. A shipping container was suggested. No decision has been made.
    • Water storage tank (Warren Ferguson): officially approved during the meeting by vote, it will hold 12,600 gallons. It will be places near the front gate hidden by trees and painted a green to match. It
      will be able to pump 500 gallons a minute. Dimensions are 12 feet wide, 15 feet tall. The fire department will check out the well pump to see if they need to add a bigger one. The tank will go on the fire departments insurance for any damages that may occur. The power used to run the tank will be billed to our POA and is $23. 
    • Signage/Bulletin Board (Susan Whitworth): No update 
    • Roads (Ray Horn): discussed old bids from 2018, mentioned the road we have was laid in 2008 time frame. Road committee put together a list of suggestions on how BBR can pay for new
      roads. You can find these suggestions attached in the email. 
    • Big pond (Don Wallace): Don is looking at using his own money to have an expert determine what the issue is. Inspection to occur 8/30 and they will look at the small pond.
  • Treasure’s Report (Mike Farrell):
    • Total: $107,785 =  PNC total $60,256 + FNB total $47,529
    • Last quarter purchases: 
      • $2,500 in transfer fees @$500 per sale
      • Gate expense $125 (inbound switch is supposed to switch to battery and it was dead which caused the issues on the last power outage), replacing the batteries will be $250-$300, no legal fees or anything over the summer. Attorney’s are only paid if needed.
    • Upcoming purchases: eroded areas and renewing mowing. Speaking of mowing, now that we have had a good rain, Llyod will mow the areas of concern without the worry of sparking a fire.
  • New Business:
    • There were multiple complaints on ATV riders driving recklessly on multiple personal properties, leaving tire marks on grass and broken fences. This is a great time to remind everyone, yes you can ride ATV’s but please be respectful to others personal property. Perhaps stay on the roads
      or utilize the paths on common property.
    • Curt mentioned a customer of his approached him and said some cell phone tower companies will pay POA’s for a minimum of 50 years $1,500 – $2,000 per month to allow a cell tower on our property. It was suggested we look into this for income. *Action for board.
    • Request for an annual estate sale. CCR’s would have to be changed. * Action for board
    • Complaint about the Vandiver’s windmill being too noisy. The board will see about approaching them to get that fixed.

      Ray Horn adjourned the Meeting at 5:17pm

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