Blue Branch Ranch Property Owners Association

Just over 300 acres

  • Blue Branch Ranch Development was founded as a POA in 2000
  • The POA consists of 183 acres belonging to the POA Members, with another 126 acres of “common property” owned by the POA and managed by the Board.
  • Consisting of 85 lots of 2 acre minimum or more.
  • All lots are owned by POA Members.
  • Blue Branch Ranch POA has 2 ponds for use by members. Ponds are rain-filled only by runoff from surrounding properties and creeks and natural drainage.
  • Currently, and historically, there are an abundance of deer, migratory birds, wild hogs, coyotes, and bobcats that roam the entire area.
  • There is no fulltime contracted Board of Directors or Architectural Review Committee. Both organizations are staffed by member volunteers
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