Board of Directors Special Meeting Agenda

Board of Directors Special Meeting Agenda

Date: November 4, 2021; Time: 6:00PM CST
Meeting Will Be Conducted By Virtual Teleconference (VTC)
Instructions for Attending Will Be In Your Calendar Invitation via e-Mail
Instructions for Submitting Agenda Items & Attendee Information:

This is an open meeting for the Board of Directors and Association Members are welcome to attend. This is not a public meeting therefore Attendees must be Association Members. Each of you should have received, or will receive your invitation via the e-mail on record with the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Members can observe and hear the Board conducting Board business providing transparency of their actions to the Association.

Unlike public governmental bodies, there is no legal requirement in Texas for the Board to hold a Q & A session or permit Members attending to speak. However, Members are invited to submit an agenda item to the Board up to twenty (20) days before the scheduled Meeting. (Proposed Agenda Items require sufficient detail(s) for the Board to understand the issue at hand. The Board may reach out to you for additional info prior to the Meeting). The Board will alert the Member if the item has been added to the Agenda and the Member’s submittal will be added to the Official Agenda. Member Agenda Items should take the form of a statement, not a question (Typical Examples: I noticed there was a pothole on Farm Land that needs to be addressed; Common Property tree growth is pushing my fence and it needs to be resolved by the Board; I am having erosion issues caused by common property drainage, and other things you want the Board to address).

During the Meeting, the submitting Association Member will be called upon and will address their Item to the Board. They will be provided 2 minutes to present the Item to the Board. OPTIONALLY, a submitting Association Member may request the Board’s Meeting Chairperson (usually the President) to read aloud the agenda item and identify the submitting Association Member. This will be accomplished in the open-session of the Meeting identified for Member Agenda items. Board Members may ask the submitting Member questions for clarity. If time critical, the Board Chairperson may want the Board to deliberate on the presented Item at this point in the Meeting. The Board may do so and respond at that time. Ordinarily, a Board Member will be assigned to the isssue and respond at a later time with a phone call, e-mail, or text message to the submitting Association Member. The Board will not answer questions from the Members during the Meeting. Members wishing to leave after their Agenda presentations, or at anytime during the proceedings, are free to do so.

At any time throughout the year, Members are encouraged to submit any questions to the Board by contacting a Board member or by sending an e-Mail to the Board of Directors at Board members will respond via phone call, e-Mail, or text message at our convenience, which is the most expeditious means of getting questions answered or concerns addressed.

This Special called meeting of the Board of Directors is called in accordance with the Texas Business Organization Code Section 22.212 for the sole purpose of appointing new members to fill vacant seats on the Board of Directors. This process has been reviewed and approved by the law offices representing the Board and the Association.

  • Call to Order – Jim Henderson
  • Appointment of two members to fill vacant seats on the Board of Directors in accordance with Texas Business Organization Code Section 22.212
    • Directors will serve for the remaining terms of the previous seat they are filling. In this instance both appointed Director’s terms will expire at the end of 2022
  • Jim Henderson will adjourn the meeting.
Copies of the Meeting Minutes will be distributed within 7 days of this meeting.
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