3rd QTR 2022 Meeting

Board of Directors 3rd QTR 2022 Meeting Minutes

Date: October 23, 2022; Time: 4:00PM CST
Meeting at the fire station

Board Members in attendance – President Ray Horn, Treasurer Michael Farrell and Secretary Stephanie Novak. 

POA Members in attendance – Ellen Horn, Don Wallace, Lonnie McClelland, Frank and Shawn Lima, Lewis and Donna Smith, Jeryl and Amy Powell, Susan Whitworth, James and Glenda Harrel, Mike Coronado.

Call to Order – Ray Horn, President @ 4:00 pm

  • Ray moved to approve minutes from 2nd qtr meeting, no objections. 
  • Finance Report – Mike Farrell
    • Mike projected a 5year plan and it will be attached to this email for your review.
    • Annual dues will be $750.00 for the next 2 years and will increase 10% every 2 years.
    • The board approved to renew Lloyd’s mowing service.
    • There is a little over $61k in PNC and over $41k in FNB
  • ARC Chairperson Update – Frank Lima
    • 3507 Old Barn fencing is awaiting supplies.
    • 3501 Old Barn tree/bush removal
    • 3503 Old Barn dead tree removal
    • 3602 Farmland shop build
    • 3509 Hopper solar panels
    • Projects Update
      • Website (Board): Mike will add an ARC permit to the website as well as provide log-in info for each member.
      • Storage building (Board): It was brought up renting a space at the new storage company down the road (Tin Top Storage). Stephanie will call and find out more information once they open.
      • Tree/Bush Removal: BBR will not have another service until the Spring, however, Susan Whitworth is offering her trailer for people to borrow if they need to get rid of any branch/brush you might have and you can take it to the FREE dump off Hwy 51 near the humane society..
      • Roads (Ray Horn): Consideration for taring lines in roads. The board will consider it, but eventually the entirety of all the roads will need to be done. We can get someone to come take a look and see what the taring will cost. Elite Asphalt will be coming to take a look this coming Tuesday.
      • Big pond (Don Wallace): In reviewing the report, need to make a few phone calls. There are 3 possible issues regarding the leak. More testing will need to be done and he will update the board when the experts have a more accurate answer. Hoping to have an answer in the next couple of weeks.
    • New Business:
      • Trunk or Treat: During the meeting several neighbors mentioned last year they bought some candy and had maybe 2 families come to their house. So collectively we decided it’s a no this year. It was suggested having a neighborhood get together next year at a pavilion with food and games.
      • Nominations for 2023 Board Members: Starting November 1, if you are interested in running for the board Mike and Stephanie’s positions are available. You can send in your applications by replying to this email. You have 10 days to submit.

    Ray Horn adjourned the Meeting at 5:07pm

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