2022 Annual and 4th QTR 2022 Meeting Notice

2022 Annual and 4th QTR 2022 Meeting Notice

Date: February 5, 2023; Time: 6:30PM CST
Meeting at the Annex

January 13, 2023

Dear Property Owner/s,

The Blue Branch Ranch Board of Directors invites you to attend the 2022 POA Annual Business Meeting of the Association. This meeting will combine the 1st quarter 2023 business. You are invited to submit agenda items by email to and it must be submitted by January 30th. You will be notified by February 1 if the item is being added to the agenda.

The meeting is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 6:30pm at the Granbury Annex (1410 W. Pearl St) as we expect a larger attendance than the fire station can accommodate.

The Agenda:

I.               Call to order (Ray Horn)

II.             Presentation of Minutes (Stephanie Novak)

III.           Treasures Report (Mike Farrell)

IV.             ARC Update (Frank Lima)

V.               Old Business

a.       POA Website (Mike Farrell)

b.      Big Pond (Don Wallace)

c.       Garage Sale

d.       Roads (Ray Horn) – Vote

V.                 New Business

a.       Introduction of New Board Members (Ray Horn)

VI.               Adjourn

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