2023 3rd QTR Meeting Minutes

3rd QTR 2023 Meeting Minutes

Date: Sept 21, 2023; Time: 6:30PM CST
Meeting at the Granbury Annex

BBR Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Ray Horn.  Directors in attendance of the meeting were: Ray Horn, Lonnie McClellan, Kevin Miller, Tom Driscoll and Warren Ferguson. Also in attendance were POA members:

  • James & Glenda Harrell
  • Timmy Novak
  • Evert Prewitt
  • Cindy Morris
  • Cathy Hold
  • Kerry & Alaine King
  • Sue Whitworth
  • Lonnie & Kim McClelland
  • Gary Greenwood
  • Don & Judy Wallace
  • Kathy & Less Castleberry
  • Bert & Linsey Stone
  • Evelyn Ferguson
  • Jerry & Amy Dowell
  • Ellen Horn
  • Jonathan Beaver
  • Brian Muirhead
  • Danny Paine

Ray began the meeting at 6:30pm

The 2nd Qtr Meeting Minutes were read by Warren Ferguson and they were approved.

The Treasurer’s report by Treasurer Tom Driscoll.

ARC Report presented by Jim Waldson

Old Business:

       Next steps on the Large Pond Repair based on the vote (9/21/2023 meeting at 6:00pm)

       Appropriating money for the pond repair.

The board plans to get the county to plot the common property between Old Barn and Farmland
that is between Vandiver and Polk.

       Dues increase per 5 year plan

The board will be implementing a 10% dues increase to the 2024 assessment.

       Storage Facility update Tom has been in contact with the new storage facility across Tin Top but they are not fully open.

       Trunk or Treat // Oktoberfest…No Trunk or Treat
but interest in Oktoberfest. 

New Business:

       Website: Previous meeting minutes (2007 – 2013) have been scanned in and uploaded to the website. Trying to find an efficient way to share/make visible to the POA.

Ray will be stepping down in February and made it known we will be looking for another volunteer to join the board.

Ray adjourned the meeting at 7:30pm


The board met December 6 about the platting of the common property. The board had planned to have the land between Old Barn and Farmland plotted at the same time as the “hay field” land. In getting with the county to do this they said they could not plot the land if there was to be more than 4 houses there unless it had an engineered road drawing for them to go by. The cost of platting the 4 properties was $3,913. It would have been an additional $1,500 for them to plat the additional land, but we didn’t, and do not still, have an Engineered Road drawing. The decision was made to just do the 4 properties as that was the land we had discussed in the September meeting as funds for the pond.


Lonnie has been working with the county and received the final approved plot for the four properties Jan 22.

Submitted Respectfully,

Warren Ferguson

Blue Branch Ranch

Board of Directors Secretary

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