2023 2nd QTR Meeting Minutes

2nd QTR 2023 Meeting Minutes

Date: July 8, 2023; Time: 6:00PM CST
Meeting at the Granbury Annex

BBR Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Ray Horn.  Directors in attendance of the meeting were: Ray Horn, Lonnie McClellan, Kevin Miller, Tom Driscoll and Warren Ferguson. Also in attendance were POA members:

  • James & Glenda Harrell
  • Timmy Novak
  • Evert Prewitt
  • Cindy Morris
  • Cathy Hold
  • Kerry & Alaine King
  • Sue Whitworth
  • Lonnie & Kim McClelland
  • Gary Greenwood
  • Don & Judy Wallace
  • Kathy & Less Castleberry
  • Bert & Linsey Stone
  • Evelyn Ferguson
  • Jerry & Amy Dowell
  • Ellen Horn
  • Jonathan Beaver
  • Brian Muirhead
  • Evelyn Ferguson

Ray began the meeting at 6:00pm

The 1st Qtr Meeting Minutes were read by Warren Ferguson and they were approved.

The Treasurer’s report by Treasurer Tom Driscoll.

ARC Report presented by Jim Waldson:

6 applications accepted:

  • Wallace new barn 
  • Bates new roof
  • Ferguson’s to paint exterior
  • Paine swimming pool


  • Water Tank (Warren): The fire chief has had his budget cut which has delayed progress on the completion of the tank. Frank Lima and I (Warren) met with the chief 6/26 and confirmed there will be a concrete footer around the base. We could use any help with getting a trench dug from the well to the foundation..
  • Website (Warren): I continue to make progress but it is slower than I would like, sorry. We now have a page dedicated to the Finances where you can find the previous annual budgets.
  • Pond (Lonnie & Don): A presentation was given and posted on-line.
    • Question 1: Is a synthetic liner better than clay? All the suppliers recommend a synthetic liner (HDPP of 40mil or 60mil) as there is no local source of clay. Clay is also more susceptible to cracking if it should dry out again.
    • Question 2: What is the warranty? Typically 10 years but once we have a supplier we can confirm.
    • Question 3: How will we prevent material from tearing the liner? We will have to discuss with the contractors and supplier.
    • Question 4: How will the equipment get to the pond? The team is planning to have the contractor’s enter through the Cowboy church entrance to minimize road traffic.
    • Question 5: How much excavation? We will have to get the contractors to determine exactly how much but once we know we will reach out to the neighborhood to see who is interested. We have an erosion problem to address but then all additional material will be made known. We may use the burn pit for a staging area as well.
    • Question 6: How long will this take? Until we know we can afford it we do not want to waste a contractor’s time. Step one is to get an agreement on how we can pay for the project.
    • Question 7: Why do the lake before the roads? So that we do not damage newly paved roads we are looking to get the pond done first. We are looking to have the equipment come from Lipan Highway (CO Rd 4) down burn pit road to minimize the traffic but the excavator and filled dump trucks will weigh several thousand pounds; which accelerates road wear.

New Business:

  • Pond was mowed. Thanks to Brian Muirhead for providing the contact.
  • New members to the board: Lonnie McClelland and Kevin Miller.
  • Lonnie asked that we get a volunteer to spray Lacotta.
    • Hopper and Burn Pit are covered by Jim Waldson
    • Farmland by Gary Greenwood
    • Old Barn by Lonnie McClelland
    • Lacota – OPEN

Ray adjourned the meeting at 7:00pm

Submitted Respectfully,

Warren Ferguson

Blue Branch Ranch

Board of Directors Secretary,

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