2023 1st QTR Meeting Minutes

1st QTR 2023 Meeting Minutes

Date: April 23, 2023; Time: 6:30PM CST
Meeting at the VFD 70

BBR Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Ray Horn.  Directors in attendance of the meeting were: Ray Horn, Tom Driscoll and Warren Ferguson. Also in attendance were POA members:

  • Becky Kreusel
  • Jim Waldson
  • James & Glenda Harrell
  • Timmy Novak
  • Frank & Shawn Lima
  • Curt Vinson
  • Lonnie McClelland
  • Margaret & Jerry Chalker
  • Amy Driscoll
  • Evelyn Ferguson
  • Donna & Luis Smith
  • Ellen Horn

Ray began the meeting at 6:30pm

The 1st Qtr Meeting Minutes were read by Warren Ferguson and they were approved.

The Treasurer’s report by Treasurer Tom Driscoll.

ARC Report presented by Frank Lima:

  • Driscoll fencing project is on-going
  • Lima’s oak tree removed
  • Carter’s lot#13 no climb fencing has been erected. Residential fencing to be completed by June 1.
  • Coakers lot landscaping project flower bed & trees.


  • Pond (Lonnie & Warren): The original company to do the test has not responded to our request to begin the work. A second company, Gehrig, has submitted a bid to perform the test for $8,500. This will be a subsurface test using both core samples and ERT to determine if the lake can still hold water. The Board is to make a decision on whether or not to fund it by April 30.
  • Water Tank (Warren): The forms have been set and the foundation base material is to be in place by April 30th. The dig test showed the path is clear and we await the contractor to evaluate the well pump and trench. The fire chief is targeting to have it done by end of May.
  • Website (Warren): Working to get a folder structure so that finding the documents is easier.

New Business:

  • Ray made it known that the Bylaws were updated to allow the Board to allow up to 5 people to serve. A formal announcement (email and web posting) will be sent out asking for volunteers.
  • Ray asked if we wanted to do the dumpster. Group decided to forgo it this year.
  • Ray asked if we wanted to do brush removal. Group decided to forgo it this year.
  • The board is asked to put a plan in place to address the erosion problem behind the Driscoll property.
  • Discussion around the neighborhood responsibility of the perimeter fencing. There is concern that several large trees are uprooting the fencing. The Board will look to see what has been done in the past to address the issue.
  • Frank asked that the Board consider a fee structure for new residential construction to cover the road damage that large trucks present. Meeting to be held between the Board and ARC to develop a plan.

Ray adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm

Post- meeting actions:

  • The board approved the pond test; which was completed May 5. Results to be submitted by end of month.


Submitted Respectfully,

Warren Ferguson

Blue Branch Ranch

Board of Directors Secretary

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