2019 4th QTR Meeting Minutes

Date: Dec 8, 2019; Time: 3:30PM CST
Meeting at the Granbury Annex

  • BBR Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Director Steve Chernenko.  Directors in attendance of the meeting were as follows: Steve Chernenko, Evelyn Ferguson, Jim Henderson, Danny Paine and Terry Jones. Also in attendance were POA members Chad Norton, Timmy Novak, Ken Karsh, Everett Prewitt, Gary Greenwood, Mike Farrell.
  • Treasurer’s report was presented by Terry Jones.
  • Review of previous Meeting Minutes by Evelyn Ferguson – approved.
  • Review of ARC Chairman’s report was given by Evelyn Ferguson. Lot 23 new domicile build approved, Lot 46 landscaping approved, Lot 48 glass greenhouse approved, Lot 37,38 play set approved, Lot 50 new domicile build approved.
  • Old business was discussed concerning:
    • Burn Pit renovation – finalized with grade that should not need gravel ramp. All non- burnable debris was hauled away. Yearly clean out was recommended. 
    • BBR internet service upgrade – Element 8 is targeting rural areas and a 30-35ft tower that could look like a tree is possible. They will have better rates and better service, but not available till spring.
    • Governing documents revision status – Reid is planning to have a draft before Christmas. Our documents will need to be reviewed every 2 years.
  • New business was discussed concerning:
    • Front entrance BBR sign lighting – Jim’s conversation with lighting specialist was that our wiring might need to be updated for the new LED fixtures.
    • No trespassing signage – A resident walking common property noticed signs of a squatter. Sheriff was called out and recommended signs posted in order for them to take immediate action in the future.
    • Bar ditch maintenance – continual spraying to keep growth down.
    • Large pond west side erosion issue – boulders/river rock to keep erosion back from fencing.
    • Common property trees impacting private lot – get bids for clearing 5’ buffer for maintenance so homeowner is not impacted by the overgrowth.
  • POA members listed above were allowed to bring forth their concerns or questions. Ken Karsh wanted to follow up on Mike Coronado’s presentation last meeting, about the Volunteer Fire Dept Station 70 that would like for us to consider letting them install a 15k gal tank in the neighborhood. Timmy Novak was concerned about the grass on the dam that hadn’t been mowed.
    • The Board moved to executive session per Texas Property Code 209.0051.c in order to discuss POA members Lot 57 bankruptcy status.
    • The Board of Directors meeting returned to normal session, where action items to be handled going forward were discussed and assigned to each Director.
    • A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded, approved and the meeting was adjourned.
      Submitted Respectfully,   Evelyn Ferguson Blue Branch Ranch  Board of Directors Secretary
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